So did you know that armadillos can give people leprosy, this is my illustration of an article about the subject. I tried to make it as grotesque as I could, since I usually make cute things. I need more practice I think, but I'm pretty pleased.


Imaginary Animal

This is an imaginary animal that I had to design for my Scientific Illustration class. I call it a Fier de FitzGibbin. It is native to the UK, and it's soul purpose in life is carry and love children. Their skeletal structure dips in so a small person can comfortably sit upon it.

As for execution of the work, I still am struggling with learning how to make a clean and clear digital concept art page. Hopefully with more practice...



Despereaux in Imaginationland

This is a series I did for senior portfolio called Despereaux in Imaginationland
It's done in bic pen 14x16 in. I found it to be an interesting experiment since I usually do not do
scenery or backgrounds. They might be colored one day.


Bloody Jack

For those of you who haven't read Bloody Jack, it is an amazing adventure book about an orphan girl who goes on a ship disguised as a boy. It's so amazing, but there doesn't seem to be any illustrations for it, so this is my tribute to her. It's done in photoshop, and now the next thing to do is color it in ;)