A Christmas present for my friend

All my friend wanted for Christmas was a piece of my work, so i drew her as a winter princess 


Nutcracker character a day, process

So growing up my favorite Christmas movie was The Nutcracker with Macaulay Culkin as the prince. I just found the ballet and the costumes so magical and inspiring. My own ballet career only lasted till I was 5, apparently tights weren't my thing. But I still to this day find the Nutcracker story one of beauty, through the years I have developed my own versions of the characters





Designing a set for a nursery rhyme play

This was a fun little commission piece that I got to do recently. I had to make a scenery for a Mother Goose themed Christmas play that would be projected onto giant screens. Everything was done in pen, the set was colored digitally and all the characters were water colored.


Consider the Lilies Pen and digital

So this piece I did for myself. It was a piece that was done to represent the freeing of oneself when the road gets hard. I have found life full of changes, some losses, and some victories. I hope when you see this it helps you feel free and happy. Also running around practically naked in a field is always fun


IT'S BATH TIME BABY!!! My first illustrated book project

I have been at this for about 8 month ( thus less dragons and fairies popping up on my blog). It has been quite an adventure, there has been sweat, tears, and a lot of staring at my monitor trying to dissect every design aspect. This book is written by the lovely Tasha Fuller, and this will be her first published written piece. It started off as a sweet bath time song that she sang for her children, and now the magic will get to be shared with the world.

If you want to check out the book, or even better order one go to http://itsbathtimebaby.com  to order your book now!

These illustrations went from graphite, to water color, to digital. I wanted the feel of the baby to feel realistic and yet keep a fantastical feel through the rainbow bubbles that float through every page. Eventually more illustrations will be able to be shown, but here is my favorite page.


Lighting Experiment

Line work comes more naturally to me, I love the way lines can make an image sharp and vivid . So of course for me, any kind of lighting that isn't just solid colors comes as a struggle. I decided to make it a point to draw my apartment from different times of day. Anyways I drew Aaron by the twinkle lights in the living room and I loved it! I took a leap and made this watercolor/digital piece. I tried to keep true to my reference photo for now until I become a master of light. I'm really pleased with my dragon, and how shiny he turned out. Practice makes perfect, so I will continue practicing.


Braids, Beads, Beauty and Books Commission Piece

I got to do a graphic logo for this really great back to school donation program

The  company, Your Go2 Girls, in cooperation with Mosaic’s Salon and Mary Williams Elementary School in Dumfries, VA, will be hosting “Braids, Beads, Beauty and Books” on August, 26, 2013.  “Braids, Beads, Beauty and Books” is a back to school initiative to provide under privileged school aged children with a new look, new clothes and new school supplies for the coming school year.
Children will receive a free shampoo, cut and style of their choice; in addition school supplies and clothes will also be distributed to children and their families in preparation for the coming year. 


My new logo!

So the very talented Aaron Woodard carved out a stamp for me that will now be my new logo. He will hopefully be opening an etsy account where he will be designing one of a kind creative stamps.


Wedding Anniversary Commission Piece

This is the cutest little painting I did for a husband who surprised his wife with it. The flowers surrounding the passage were designed from her wedding bouquet.


Which way to the Animal Parade? Ink and digital

So this is a little piece that I did for myself. I know it's simple and cute, but it was good for my morale. I hope this brings a smile to you.


Progress scan of current drawing

So I've decided that for the rest of the summer, i'm going to make "me" pieces. They will be for my pleasure, because these are the things that I love to draw.  Of course I will be practicing on my basic drawing skills, but my finished pieces will be "me" things. Things such as mice, and bubbles, and buttons, and princess dresses. I want to get back into my drawing doing what I love and I believe that is a good exercise to practice as well. The colored finished version soon to come


Tank Girl Sketch

Tank Girl!

I just entered a competition for the creating something for the Tank Girl . I have enjoyed getting to know her character, and I love the art of the comic by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin.


Ducklings like chocolate rain, Willy Wonka and Charlie, colored pencil and digital

So it has been so much fun working on these life drawings of dogs, and babies and such. But it's always fun to do a quick fan doodle to keep the imagination running. Enjoy!


"Aaron the Butterfly Prince" playing with gouache

A simple gauche painting of my beautiful husband as a gallant butterfly prince heheh



Dragon Mouse birthday party

This piece was definitley an adventure to work on. It's definitley not the best that I have done but it was fun playing with the bright colors. I started on illustration board with pen and watercolor, then proceeded to brighten things on photoshop.

When working on this I was going through major doubts in my head about the future with my art. I'm sure you many artists know the feeling of fear that your dreams will never see the light of day. That's probably why this took so long. For the first time I had the thought that maybe I wouldn't make it. Luckily I have my own party of cheerleaders that kept me going. We must keep creating artists or else we deprive this world of never being able to see a beauty they could never imagine!


Commission Piece Music Conductor summoning organ

Pen and digital, special effects were also helped out by Aaron


Puppy Love

Since I work at a greeting card store, Valentines day basically starts the day after Christmas. So here's a little watercolor doodle for the early occasion.


She-fawn her teacup fawn

First painting of the year, this was suppose to be a drawing but then I was already up to my neck in paint i decided it should be a painting!