Norberta, quick doodle digital/pen

So I couldn't sleep the other night so I felt like drawing Harry Potter doodles because it didn't require much thought. Don't judge too harshly, remember this is middle of the night doodling here. I'm trying to practice my lighting since usually all of my artwork is the same mid tone. Definitely more practice on that in the future.



Fairies in the library bic pen

I'm hopefully going to paint this with watercolor soon


Okay so I ended up doing it digitally instead since the original got scratched up by a cat. Note this fellow artists, don't leave your traditional work out where the cat can find them. Anyways, I really am feeling good about where my art is taking me. I at last am not terrified of using colors, and hopefully soon I'll be working on my first book, wish me luck!


Doodle of the day, Pinocchio and the blue fairy, digital

So just a quick doodle so I don't get rusty. I haven't done an all digital doodle in a while so I thought I'd practice me line work quality. The day I get my digital lines as clean as my pen lines I shall be unstoppable. Also I colored this like I would a pen drawing, I think that some of the soft values make it look a bit cheap, next time a hard brush maybe. Oh well, it was fun :)



Quick doodle, paper planes outside my window

So decided to work on my man made objects such as windows...I hate windows. I need to practice my my line work and perspective when it comes to buildings. Anyways I drew this first with pen and the scan turned out awful, so I had to try to amp up the line work with photoshop. Then I colored it digitally. It was an interesting piece to work on but not my favorite. Ah well, practice practice is so important. Just wait in a year I'll draw the best window ever.