Bookmark Contest digital

So I did a little contest for the Prince William County Library System thing. The theme was " I am thankful for my library", a little cliche' to me personally but hey I not the library god so whatevs. I thought I would go for a bit more of a metaphorical drawing, I thought the library has books, books plant thoughts and ideas in your head, plant means tree, so book tree growing in a magical library. I'm still debating if I should put some font at the bottom of the bookmark. Any thoughts before I turn it in? I'm going to go back and fix the actual books on the tree because they don't really read as books right now (bahahahaha get it? READ as books? hahahaha) 



Snow White and the Pig Prince digital doodle

So this is a complete digital drawing that I did. I'm practicing my line quality and speed. This took me 2 and half hours, I think it's because I tend to over think the colors. I wanted this to look sweet but grungy, perhaps too much texture though. Ah well, every drawing is a step closer. I feel like this could be the start to a cute fairy tale.



22x30in bic pen drawing

So this was quite a bit of work. I think I might have bit off more than I can chew, I drew men, blood, and violence all in one big drawing. It's a bit much but the result is okay. I'm going to get a better scan of it later today, I just couldn't wait to put it up.