Brooklyn and her Bubble Breathing Dragon watercolor with digital tweaks

I was looking at Peter DeSeve's beautiful watercolor pieces and I felt inspired to doing something more traditional looking rather than my usual digital coloring. I had so much fun with this piece. I was going to do a traditional lizard dragon, but I had stumbled upon one of those floppy eared rat holding teddy bear pictures and I knew what I had to do. This was colored with all watercolor with some digital tweaking here and there. I also timed myself so that I can figure out exactly how long it takes to do a finished piece : 7hrs.


Mod Dahling pen and micron and digital

So this was so out of my comfort zone. There were no cute little fairys or monsters, and also

because this piece was done on my new laptop that I am still in the process of trying to get to know. I also had misplaced my photoshop discs for my new laptop so I downloaded the trial version of CS6 which was very interesting. I bet I would learn to love it more the more practice I get. But I did something weird with the line work settings and that's why my lines are all dirty looking which has been driving me nuts! Also using these bright colors made my life quite adventuerous but hey that's what being an artist is all about.


Mouse witch pen, colored pencil, watercolor, and digital

Colored piece! I like it except i think the ground is a bit muddy