Lighting Experiment

Line work comes more naturally to me, I love the way lines can make an image sharp and vivid . So of course for me, any kind of lighting that isn't just solid colors comes as a struggle. I decided to make it a point to draw my apartment from different times of day. Anyways I drew Aaron by the twinkle lights in the living room and I loved it! I took a leap and made this watercolor/digital piece. I tried to keep true to my reference photo for now until I become a master of light. I'm really pleased with my dragon, and how shiny he turned out. Practice makes perfect, so I will continue practicing.


Braids, Beads, Beauty and Books Commission Piece

I got to do a graphic logo for this really great back to school donation program

The  company, Your Go2 Girls, in cooperation with Mosaic’s Salon and Mary Williams Elementary School in Dumfries, VA, will be hosting “Braids, Beads, Beauty and Books” on August, 26, 2013.  “Braids, Beads, Beauty and Books” is a back to school initiative to provide under privileged school aged children with a new look, new clothes and new school supplies for the coming school year.
Children will receive a free shampoo, cut and style of their choice; in addition school supplies and clothes will also be distributed to children and their families in preparation for the coming year. 


My new logo!

So the very talented Aaron Woodard carved out a stamp for me that will now be my new logo. He will hopefully be opening an etsy account where he will be designing one of a kind creative stamps.


Wedding Anniversary Commission Piece

This is the cutest little painting I did for a husband who surprised his wife with it. The flowers surrounding the passage were designed from her wedding bouquet.