The Melanie series, traditional/digital

To capture my inspiration for drawing again after taking a break, I've decided I'm going to do a fantasy series about a magical girl named Melanie. Melanie, who is actually a real person I met this year, is a lovely dancer that I will be studying. That way I get to practice anatomy and fancy poses. This I did with bic pen, and then colored digitally.



If my sister was a Disney princess digital/traditional

This piece is fluff, but my sister is so pretty she inspired me to turn her into a princess. I started this off by drawing with bic pen and then colored this digitally. Then I played with all the different toys photoshop has to offer. It was a lot of fun. Our parrot chuck would be her little animal sidekick. 


The colors were definitely inspired by the very talented artist loish. You should look her up


"My best friend's wedding" hahaha! digital doodle

So my best friend in the whole world is engaged! I can't believe it! What a beautiful way to start off life with no more college :)
 We have been best friends for a little over ten years, and she is the most lovely person you could ever have the pleasure to meet. Anyhoo she is going off to marry her fairytale prince Peter and I couldn't be more happy for them, so in honor of the special occasion I have made a quick doodle of my bestie in a white gown. I won't lie it made me sniffle a little, but they were love sniffles. This is the first of many wedding doodles/art pieces to come. For my best friend is certainly my muse <3

Also, now that school is over and done with, I plan on taking a small break to try and relax my brain. Then I'm going to go back to the basics in drawing ie practice lighting, figures, perspective, still life. I feel that if I learn to master these techniques a little more, than my fully rendered drawings will be so much better. Not to worry though, while I'm practicing my basics I will still be updating my many blogs with quick playful doodles. So yes...and on that note I hope everyone has a nice evening....I might practice my writing skills as well haha


"Ignorance is bliss", bic pen, progress work

This is later going to be done in water color, so I left a bit of it blank for the paint. I am so close to being finished with school forever and ever, therefore it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay focused. I plan on painting the background with all watercolor. Update coming soon

 So the colored version is here at last! I had some problems with muddiness using water color, but after giving the background a nice cool colored wash, I think that helped the foxes pop more. Lemme know what you think, should I pursue this style further?


"Mr. Cooper and his jar of floating acrobats" all digital

So I thought I would work on my digital drawing skills. I still need a lot of practice before my digital line work becomes as clean as my traditional line work. I definitely will color this one, though what to do with the background is beyond me right now. Actually I might change the mound of grass that Mr. Cooper is standing on to a bunch of hills. This was fun to do though, I'm very sick of drawing umbrellas and tiny people :) Comments are always helpful and appreciated :)


Here's the colored version! I think that the umbrella girls look nice, but the little dwarf I'm still not so sure about. But it was an interesting experience, onto the last piece and then graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Evil snow bunny, bic pen

Here is another drawing for my independent study. Now the question is, to color or not to color. I'm afraid that If I create a landscape it'll ruin the creepiness of the drawing. I haven't been doing too hot with water colors lately, partially why I haven't uploaded the colored versions of a lot of these drawings. The monster was fun to draw since I usually don't do scary things, but now that I look at it, it kind of looks like an angry rabbit mixed with a camel...hmmmmmmm