Princess Lolli and Mr. Mint colored pencil+digital

So I'm still trying to figure out how to color my drawings. I just know once I get this down it will a break through for me. Since I really liked the simpleness of the " Mermaid and her Pirate Boy"  drawing, I thought I would apply the same technique of coloring as before. But this time, I would start traditionally, since I seem to have better control over a colored pencil than my wacom tablet.


After scanning the drawing into the computer, I colored over the drawing with very bright and saturated colors, keeping them all flat and simple so not to take away from the line work. Then I turned the opacity way way down so the colors seemed faded. I really like this effect because it makes the drawing seem quiet and sweet, perhaps my sort of drawings weren't really meant to be very colorful, hmmm.... 


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