"What she once was" blue colored pencil

I'm halfway there!! I have to say this has been a long summer, but I I have learned so much! Since we're heading towards the end I'm running low on steam, and my ideas have been less spicy. But I do enjoy drawing beautiful dresses, especially after watching My Fair Lady. I love the scene at the horse races with all of the big hats and froo froo skirts. Actually one of my biggest desires is to go to an event where you have to wear a gigantic hat.

Anyways, back to the art . I have also been trying to find ways of filling a page without COMPLETELY filling the page like in my "Dream" piece. Not that filling the page is a bad thing, but it is good to change it up. So I've been trying to think of how to convey a memory in a drawing without it being completely obvious that it's a memory, like with a thought bubble. I would like to do more memory drawings in the future so this was an experiment. The old woman fading away remembering the days in which she was young. Like the 'Circus" drawing, I am going to color this on the computer. The paper I used is an off yellow, I thought it looked nice with the blue colored pencil.



  1. Hi... your illustrations is very nice. i am big fan of your pencil strokes...

  2. Thank you! I usually do pen, but I do like the effect the blue colored pencil has :)